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its all piling up....

i am so far from perfect and no matter how hard i try i cant seem to fix that.

im really sick of pretending everything great. i broke down today and it killed me to let anyone know things wernt going perfectly.

i have been trying to let everything roll of my back and to try not worry about things.  But things keep building up and i cant let some things go.  i dont know how to deal with things though.  I dont even know what i want. i just know i am not happy with what is going on.

i try to be a good firend and i just fuck up.  im at the point where i dont have anyone who gets it.  i dont have anyone who can say "it'll be fine" and i believe them.  the people i always use to admire have let me down. the people who i always though embodied what was good and right have let me down and made me question myself. it seems like i cannot be in any type of successful relationship because all i do is push people away and make them hate me. the relationships i do chose to be in are ones i know could never last.  the people i choose to persue are assholes or guys who have girlfriends. i feel like such a bad person and i try so hard to be such a good one.

im working over 20 hours a week.  i dont mean to complain but it is just alot with everything else i have going on. I am just really exhaused.  my classes are really hard and i never seem to have enough time in a day to get everything done.  i stay up till 3:00 in the morning almost every night and i cant seem to do everything. its very frustrating.

i am loosing the people i really want to have in my life. no matter what i do or how hard i try i cant stop it. it hurts so bad. i wish people would stop changing. i know we all grow up and change but i need it to slpw down.

everything is piling up and it is just like its crushing me. i cant get on top of everything in my life. and i dont want to deal with the things that are scaring me.

its one thing after another. little things keep going wrong. i cant deal with them. i cant make them go away.

i can pretend a little longer though.

on a lighter note....im starting y-club back up.  i will announce a meeting time soon.  its going to be completly diffrent and fun! promise!


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