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what a crazy past few days....

There is so much going on. 

I should have expected this from you....its not fair....and i think you will change each time....but you dont.  I'm through. You are so not worth it obviously. I try so hard and you could careless. I'm over your crap bud.

school is ridiculously hard and all i do is work my ass of to get no where. it doesnt matter though. so much more important things are going on.

i am excited about western but esspecially sad about leaving now.

Maddie i love you.....i love you more than ice cream with sprinkles....which is equivilant to a grande mocha with nonfat milk.


*Well I can't regret,
can't you just forget it?
I started something I couldn't finish
If we go down,
we go down together
best friends means,
well best friends means *

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