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i cant feel a thing....

why cant i care about anything anymore?
im sick of hurting people.
but i really dont care right now.
i dont care about losing people
or who will hate me tommrow.
i really dont give a damn.

whateve. heres my rants.

but u know what really cool. when people get on your sn and talk to people they dont even know and pretend its you. thats cool. 
and im sick of highschool and people talking shit. i have alot of charater flaws so if you all wanna talk shit about me atleast pick something thats true. like calling me a whore....not really even close to being true....pick something else. 
and for the girl who wants me to...what was it...."get hit by a bus".....fuck you. i didnt do a thing to you. you have no idea what its like to be in the situation i am in. i dont need you bitching about me.
people are so disipointing. right when you need someone they turn their back on you. no one fucking cares about anyone but themselves. 

but i love you rach. i always will no matter what. we have been friends so long and shes the only person whos not fucking shady in the whole oldham county area. plus im too lazy and apathetic to join the bitch club and be a bitch to you rach. you make me laugh and you may be one of the only sincere people i know.

Desperate it seems, but I can’t breathe.
Are you real?
Are you real?
I can’t feel a thing,
And this machine won’t stop,
Be here when I wake,
Sing me to sleep.
I won't fight it when you leave.
Sing me to sleep.
I wont fight it…

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